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I often get requests for recommendations for Yin Yoga Music both from my students and teachers.

I don’t always use music in my home practice but, I tend to when I teach.

Most of the locations I teach at are quite urban there may be a fair bit of external noise that can be distracting, so I find adding a little music can create an ambiance and a container for practice.

For Yin Yoga, I tend to prefer ambient music without lyrics, other the odd soft chant or vocal toning. I find that lyrics can pull students away from the experience in their body. I want the music to just be a backdrop for practice and what they are experiencing in the body to be the primary focus.

I’m also not a fan of some of the piano, flute based ‘New Age’ music that a lot of Yoga teachers tend to play.

Most of these are available via Itunes (if not I have linked them)

So without further ado here are some of my favorite Albums for Yin Yoga practice:

  • The Spirit Of Yoga – Ben Leinbach
  • Neroli – Brian Eno
  • Tibet Nada Himalaya 2 – Deuter
  • Long Ambients 1: Calm Sleep – Moby
  • Moon Dreams – Ryan Hurtgen
  • Yoga Harmony -Terry Oldfield
  • Heart Focus – Air Of Colors 
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