Yin Yoga – Dragon Pose

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The majority of my students have super tight hip flexors. Most of the time, this is because of the hours spent sitting in chairs. Dragon Pose is one of the most effective ways to release these chronically tight muscles. The hip flexors are the muscles that attach the front of your hips to your thighs. If you’re not sure where these muscles are, don’t worry! You’ll become well aware of them when you come into this pose.

Dragon pose is often the ‘least loved’ of all the Yin Yoga poses, but if you work at a desk, it’s one of the most important for you. Practicing the Dragon pose every day would not be too often.

Because this pose is so challenging, you need to have some extra mindfulness about keeping your mind focused on the intended area and your breath. Don’t let the monkey mind start jumping all over and judging your experience and telling stories about your experience. Just try to stay with the sensation and breath into it.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through the whole buffet of Dragon pose options, including the rarely chosen ‘Screaming Dragon’  variation.

Peace, Love and Happy Hips!


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