Yin Yoga – Butterfly Pose

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Butterfly pose can be done a couple of ways depending on your intention. The first way is to stretch the tissues of the back (like in a forward bend), and the second way is to target the muscles of the inner thigh.

So, depending on your intention, you can customize your Butterfly pose. In this post, I’ll include how to do Butterfly pose both ways.

Butterfly pose variation 1:

This variation is great for rounding the back and stretching the back of the body and can be more accessible for those of us in the ‘Tight Hamstring Club’  than some other forward bends.

However, if you have bulging disks, you should try to keep your back long and flat as you come forward instead of rounding your spine. You could also do this pose lying on your back in the same shape holding your ankles or shins.

Butterfly pose variation 2:

This variation is great for stretching the inner thigh. If your knees are up quite high in this version, because of tight hip flexor muscles (you can thank chairs for that), you can put more padding under your bum but don’t lose heart if your pose doesn’t look like mine.

Happy Practicing!


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