Is Yoga Equitable? Why I offer sliding scale pricing.

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Is Yoga Equitable? This is a question I ask myself often.

Equity, of course, is a massive and very in-depth conversation that is likely beyond the scope of this blog post.

To be clear for this post when I speak of equity, I’m coming at it from a financial perspective.

For a large part of my life I had been what people would have described as ‘the working poor’.

So this is why I offer my classes with sliding scale pricing and offer scholarships.

I know what it’s like to really want something that I knew could help me heal and not have the funds for it. 

Sadly, lots of people are in this boat. 


You see, I believe that Yoga can change the world. As trite as that may sound, I really do.

When people are Anxious, in persistent pain or constantly running from thing to thing and don’t take time to rest and heal, then it’s difficult to be loving, patient and kind. 

So I help people with Anxiety and Back Pain. I give them the tools and the time to rest so that they can be more loving, present and kind for their loved ones and their communities.

In this way, our Yoga practice has a ripple effect.

So it’s important to me to offer all the classes that I run myself on a Sliding Scale.

If you would rather hear me talk about this than read about it you can check out this podcast interview.

An Uncommon Way To Do Business

Sometimes people find this way of doing business confusing. I did too until I was able to attend a business workshop (thank you Tad Hargrave) that was offered pay what you can, and that workshop changed my life.

At the time I was a fairly new teacher and I was struggling to make ends meet (very common for Yoga teachers). I knew I needed more marketing skills but did not have much in the way of funds.

It taught me so much about ethical business and if wasn’t offered on a sliding scale it would have likely taken me 2-3 more years to be able to afford it.


So what is sliding scale pricing and how does it work?

Sliding scale pricing offers my classes at multiple price points. These price points make classes more accessible so that lack of financial resources isn’t a barrier to practicing Yoga.

Community members choose the price point that best reflects their ability to pay for a class or based on their circumstances (more details below).

Also, this allows those who feel called to support those who can’t afford classes.

For example, those who can afford to and pay the highest amount (and do) they help me offset my costs so that I can offer options to those who can’t.

I have even had students randomly send me extra (I see you) which helps me keep these options open.

What this means is the students that can afford to (and do) pay full price for classes, help offset the prices so that I can offer sliding scale pricing and still feed, house and clothe myself.

But, if paying the full price will cause you to be less secure in your ability to meet your basic food, health, housing or essential transport needs then I invite you to pay one of the reduced fees for my classes (see more details below in the image).

My weekly live class at Christ Church and all my Zoom classes are offered on a sliding scale.

Each class also has a scholarship spot for someone who finds even the lowest sliding scale amount unattainable.

How do I choose which price point to pay aka where do I fall on the sliding scale?

  1. I am unable to work and am currently on disability or some other form of assistance, I’m barely scraping by, I live in subsidized housing, I rely on donations for new items, If this is you then reach out for a scholarship spot.
  2. My basic needs are met, I have some spending money and a small amount of savings, limited expendable income, can’t often afford to buy new things so I shop second hand, I don’t have access to healthcare. If this you choose the first paid amount
  3. I easily meet my basic needs, I am employed, have access to health-care, I have some savings and expendable income, I’m able to take vacation and purchase new items as I need to. If this is you choose payment option 2 or 3.
  4. I easily meet my basic needs, I own property, own or lease a vehicle, I am employed or do not need to work to meet my needs, I have access to healthcare, I have savings and expendable income,I can buy new items when needed and can afford to take time off. If this is you choose payment option 4.
For each of you who can afford to do payment 3 or 4 and do so please know you are helping me offer the options of 1 and 2 to those who need them so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I hope that helps clear up the confusion that can sometimes happen from sliding scale pricing options.

If classes are currently in session and registration is not yet open, make sure you enter your name and email below so that you get these details in your inbox when registration opens.

When class registration opens click on the link and it will show you the sliding scale options. For those who need a scholarship spot reply to the email about class registration and I’ll give you the details.


With Gratitude,


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