Guided Yoga Nidra Practice for the Earth Element

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This guided Yoga Nidra practice for the earth element is grounding (pun intended).


Have You experienced Yoga Nidra?

I often say that Yoga Nidra is sort of like if you imagine that a guided relaxation and meditation had a baby 😂.

Sometimes Yoga Nidra is referred to as the Yoga of sleep or Yogic sleep, but that’s not really accurate.

The point of Yoga Nidra isn’t to fall asleep (although sometimes that happens 🫣) but actually, it is the space between waking and sleeping which is Yoga Nidra’s sweet spot. 


During this earth-themed Yoga Nidra session, I will take you through grounding and a body scan. This will draw your attention inward, nudging you into the consciousness that sits on the border between waking and sleeping. 

The steps in this guided Yoga Nidra below allow you to reach a deep state of relaxation.

In this relaxed yet aware state, our bodies can rest deeply.

This resets your nervous system. When you lie in a deep state of relaxation, your mind can focus on being aware without all the thinking and planning that typically happens.

Here we can experience feelings of interconnected-ness, healing wholeness and awakening our deepest, truest self.

We can all experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra and there are many styles and themes.  

However, this Guided Yoga Nidra Practice for the Earth Element is particularly beneficial for individuals who face a high level of stress and anxiety. 

It is also helpful for people suffering from sleep deprivation. 

There are few ways you could choose to lay down for your Yoga Nidra Practice. A simple version like the image above or a deluxe version like this one.

You could also lie on your side if you aren’t comfortable on your back.

This Guided Yoga Nidra Practice for the Earth Element could be practiced when you come home from work as a way to reset. Or, just before bed if anxiety keeps you awake at night.

You could also practice it mid-day as a little break in your day.

If you are practicing at a time when you need to get moving after, you might want to set a gentle alarm in case you fall asleep.

When you are ready to practice get super comfy and click the play button.


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