Yoga For Sleepyheads (with video practice)

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Are You A Sleepy Head?

If you like me are more of a night owl than a morning person, I get it!

Even as a child, I never bounced out of bed before 10 am. I have always been a sleepyhead. It’s always been a moan and a groan while pushing snooze to go back to my dream state.

And when I finally do get up, I’m about as graceful as a baby giraffe finding its feet.

If you want to torture me in the morning, ask me questions before my bath and dose of morning matcha.

Matcha in bed

But the world sadly does not run on a night owl’s schedule (le sigh).

So I have been forced to learn ways to cope with my sleepyhead state (did I mention matcha).

So what is a sleepyhead to do if you need to practice in the morning?

One of these coping strategies is to reverse my Yoga Practice. Most Yoga practices have a bunch of flowing standing poses near the start of the practice, then finish lying down. But, my sleepyhead, baby giraffe state can’t stand up and move that quickly first thing in the morning (unless I want to fall on my face).

As a sleepyhead I practice backward. I start lying down and gradually move up to standing, where I finish my practice. Confused? No worries, I walk you through it in this video:

Yoga For Sleepyheads Practice



I hope this video lulls you awake and gets you ready to seize the day.

Happy Practicing!

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