Yoga Words – What Does Asana Mean?

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In a previous post (what does Yoga actually mean), I discussed the root of the word Yoga and how often we use the word Yoga when we actually mean Asana.

If you’re new to Yoga and have heard the term ‘Asana’, you may have thought they were talking about your butt. Although Asana can mean seat, we are not actually referring to your ass, HA!

Although Asana means ‘seat’, the common uses are more like pose or posture.

Don’t believe me? The names Yoga poses themselves include ‘asana’ at the end┬álike Tadasana or┬áSavasana as examples.

So, when most of us say we are practicing Yoga, we are actually practicing Asana. Say what… confused? Don’t worry, in the video below, I’ll explain in more detail.

Peace, love, and Asana,

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