Tight Upper Back? Eagle Arms To The Rescue!

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I’m guessing you like me have a pretty tight upper back.

One of the most common requests I get in my classes is for something for the upper back and shoulders.

Eagle arms is by the best Yoga stretch for this area.

In my life, this pose is a daily (if not multiple times a day) event around these parts.

You can practice eagle arms for just a few breaths on each side or if you are really feeling tight you could do this Yin Style at 50% of your maxium stretch and hold it for 2 min per side.

tight upper back?

A little movement of the elbows up and down to start can help you find ‘your spots’ in your tight upper back. Once you find them then linger there.

It’s pretty normal to have this pose feel pretty strong, so remember you can always back off a bit.

When I do this pose Iike to send my breath into the back area while I do it.

Also practicing this pose more than once a day will really help. The more you do it the easier it gets and the more relief you will find.

It’s great to team eagle arms up with easy shoulders and elbow circles you can see my post about those here.

Ok without further ado. Here is a video for you to practice with.

Tight Upper Back? Eagle Arms To The Rescue!

Happy Flying


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