How To Practice Walking Meditation – By Lyndsey Burton

A Walking Meditation combines present moment awareness with movement, and is a great way to help you become more mindful while rocking the Yoga mat!

The awesome thing about a Walking Meditation is in its simplicity – All you have to do is walk and become aware, which creates a magical, mindful experience to what is normally a mundane task. Read More “How To Practice Walking Meditation – By Lyndsey Burton”

5 Meditation Myths (and the true story)

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, I hear some funny misconceptions about Meditation. I confess I believed a couple of them myself before I had any Meditation training. I suffer from busy brain syndrome (I’m sure none of you can relate).

I naively thought that I would just sit on a cushion, bring my fingers into an Ancient Mudra and presto, a deep Meditative state leading to enlightenment right? Read More “5 Meditation Myths (and the true story)”

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