Music for Yin Yoga

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I often get requests for recommendations for Yin Yoga Music both from my students and teachers.

I don’t always use music in my home practice but, I tend to when I teach.

Most of the locations I teach at are quite urban there may be a fair bit of external noise that can be distracting, so I find adding a little music can create an ambiance and a container for practice. Read More “Music for Yin Yoga”

What’s the Difference Between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?

Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga: Same, Same, But Different?

As a teacher who specializes in teaching Yin Yoga, I am often shocked by class descriptions labeled as Yin / Restorative. If you are a teacher or studio owner who has never taken any specialized training in either Yin or Restorative Yoga, I can see how the two could be confused as interchangeable. Read More “What’s the Difference Between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?”

Tight Neck? Yoga To The Rescue!

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Whether it be in a public Yoga class, or in my private Therapeutic Yoga practice, the neck is a much-requested area of the body to release.

This delightfully simple neck stretch is easy to do as part of your Yoga practice or anytime throughout the day. It can also be done at your desk if you need a little stretch break. Read More “Tight Neck? Yoga To The Rescue!”

Back Pain Yoga – Baby Cobra Pose

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As a Yoga Therapist, I work a lot with folks who suffer from Back Pain. Because of our more sedentary lifestyle, and with all the desk work we do, our back muscles can become weakened, and this can lead to injury.

There are a couple of simple prone backbends we can add to our regular routine that can make a big difference to the strength of our back muscles, improve our posture, and hopefully prevent back injuries. Read More “Back Pain Yoga – Baby Cobra Pose”

Sciatica? Get Relief!

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Sciatica is a bit tricky and can be persistent. In all my years of teaching Back Pain Yoga, I have found more than anything else that Sciatica is often used as a blanket term, which students cover a range of symptoms they may have. So, if you think you may have Sciatica, please see a health professional to get a proper diagnosis. Read More “Sciatica? Get Relief!”

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